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Toddler Room

Our toddler room is for children aged 18 months - 3years. This ratio for 18 months -2 years is on a one adult to 3 children and 2-3 year olds are on a 1-4 adult to child ratio enabling us to give more undivided attention.

We offer a varied, stimulating and exciting curriculum to encourage your child’s growth and development. Learning will be tailored to the individual needs of each child and our topics will provide a wealth of experiences to extend your child’s knowledge and understanding.

We will spend time encouraging your child to learn through play, songs, colours, shapes, numbers and letters in preparation for the move to the pre-school room. The move to the pre-school age group is not only based on age but development milestones.




We offer the two-year-old funding the term after your child turns two. The two-year-old funding is not a universal offer. You can apply for the two-year-old funding online using the following link SynergyWeb

You will receive a confirmation letter which should be brought into the nursery. We can then claim your 2-year-old funding for you.

There is also 2-year-old working parent funding available which can be claimed the term after your child's 2nd birthday. You can apply by visiting you will receive an 11-digit code beginning with a5, this code should be given to the nursery along with your funding form so we can claim funding on your behalf.

The 2-year-old funding entitles you to 15 hours childcare a week based on a term time only contract of 38 weeks a year. You can also have an all-year-round contract that entitles you to stretched offer of 11 hours a week. Any additional hours are charged at our hourly rate of £8.00 per hour.


Children 18 months - 3 years


8-1 or 1-6 session £40.00

Full day 8-6 session £80.00

There is a minimum of 3 sessions a week.


For parents that are not in receipt of 2-year-old funding the prices are inclusive of food, nappies and wipes.


Invoices are paid monthly in advance. All charges must be cleared by the 1st of the month.

Fees are calculated as the daily rate for agreed sessions x the number of days in the month.


We charge a £200 deposit to secure your child’s place. This is returned at the end of the contract as long as the 4 weeks’ notice period has been adhered to. 


For those parents that are in receipt of two-year-old funding you have the choice of providing all food and drink, nappies and wipes for your child or you can choose to pay a charge of £5.00 for an am or pm session or £10.00 for an all-day session to cover all the listed items.

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